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About Us.

We are located in the heart of India called Mumbai. It is a coastal area. Our office is at Andheri. It is located in Western Suburb. We have many clients, long term and short term and on Contract basis as well.

From the Desk of founder and director of Virtual Assistant Help.
Hasan Abbas (Abby).

I appreciate and very thankful to all of you who has taken their valuable time to visit our site.  I'll share my journey to be working as a Freelancer.

"I remember the days when I dreamed of being a freelancer. The word seemed magical to me somehow."   I had spent endless hours surfing the 'net, signing up with one freelance site after another. Yet there was an incredible amount of competition.

After I accomplished many work/projects. I felt that I should start my own site and I have worked on my dream and you can see where I am..... I am a graduate student with a Chemical Background. I have worked in Call Center (BPO industry) and Events and Promotion Company for about 7 years.  In those days, I gained lots of experience in handling various people (customers).


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    Working with a Virtual Assistant can save time and money!  We take your stress.

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